Tom Izzo Tells His Players To Stick Their Phones ‘Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine’

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo does not like Twitter. Perhaps it’s justified. Earlier this month, he thought his comments about Kentucky were taken out of context on the social networking site. In January, he claimed Twitter might be adversely affecting his team.

After the Spartans big win over 2-seeded Virginia on Sunday to advance to the Sweet Sixteen, Izzo told his team to “stay off Twitter,” but that wasn’t all:

Unfortunately, fourth-year guard Travis Trice didn’t really listen to his coach, tweeting out two Instagram videos on Monday, including some video from what appears to be the Manager’s game.


We’re guessing Trice forgot his IG account was connected to Twitter, which is why this happened.

Then again, this probably isn’t the first time Izzo has instructed his team to stick their phones in their tookus. Tom Izzo contains multitudes, and he can’t be summed up in 140 characters or less.

(H/T Bob’s Blitz)