Tre Mason’s Mother Told The Cops That Concussions Are To Blame For His Bizarre ATV Chase

The stark reality of head trauma in the NFL grows bleaker by the day. L.A. Rams running back Tre Mason has not reported to training camp this season. In fact, the Rams have not heard from the third-year running back since the end of the 2015 season. However Mason’s mother believes football is the least of her son’s worries.

Mason was involved in a police incident after allegedly going 80 mph on an ATV in Palm Beach, Florida. Officers attempted to contact Mason after he fled into his mother’s home, but Mason refused to leave the home. Mason was admitted to the hospital just a few days earlier after his mother reported that Mason was behaving erratically.

On July 23, deputies went to Mason’s home after family members reported “bizarre and angry outbursts.” When deputies arrived, Mason threatened to call the White House and have them all fired and made comments regarding Al-Qaeda.

During the ATV incident, the deputies recognized Mason as the Rams running back and expressed concern over his career. Mason had a successful two years in the NFL and looked to have a long, successful career ahead of him. That career should no longer be a priority to the Rams running back. Mason’s mother explained those priorities to the deputies after they said Mason should be playing football.

“No, actually he shouldn’t. … ,” Tina Mason says. “There’s CTE and this head-injury thing. You can say he should be playing football, but this is not what it is.”

Mason has not been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, but his erratic behavior is emblematic of the disease. The symptoms of this degenerative brain disorder only grow worse with age. There is currently no cure for CTE. Mason is only 22.

(Palm Beach Post)

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