Trevor Bauer’s Disgusting Finger Injury Was Bleeding All Over The Place, So He Was Pulled From Game 3

The Cleveland Indians had to go to their bullpen in the first inning of Game 3 of the American League Championship Series. The team’s starter, Trevor Bauer, had a nasty cut on his right pinky which started gushing blood. He tried his best to keep anyone from noticing, but after recording two outs and allowing two baserunners, Blue Jays manager John Gibbons came out and asked for Bauer to get examined. The umpires took a look, determined that Bauer could not continue, and after two-thirds of an inning, his night was over.

Bauer’s replacement, Dan Otero, got the out that he needed to get to end the inning and let the team catch its breath after its starter had to get pulled for bleeding all over the place. But look at that gash! Bauer was straight up dripping blood, and even if he managed to get out of the inning and got everything tended to, odds are the blood would have kept flowing out of his hand.

The circumstances surrounding the injury were weird as heck. We’ll let CNET explain how this happened:

Bauer, however, is something of a nerd. Suddenly, it was announced that a drone had put him out of action. No, not one sent by the opposing Toronto Blue Jays. Canadians would never do that sort of thing.
Instead, it was Bauer’s own drone that had sliced his pinkie. Bauer will start Game 3 on Monday night, but he brought his drone to a press conference on Sunday, so that he could offer a detailed explanation.
“So I plugged it in like I’ve done thousands and thousands of times,” he said. “And for whatever reason it was sitting like this, I was plugging the battery in and my finger happened to be right here, and for whatever reason these three propellers didn’t spin like they were supposed to and this one spun up at max throttle.”

Good on him for trying to rough it out even though he had stitches in his finger, but, uh, he should probably step away from the drone for a few days. Maybe he can take the next few weeks off if the Indians manage to beat the Blue Jays in the ALCS and make it to the World Series.