Trey Mancini Hit An Inside The Park Home Run After A Pop Up Bounced Off A Rays Outfielder’s Head

It’s been a big year for outfield blunders in Major League Baseball, and more specifically, the American League East division. The Boston Red Sox have twice had outfielders lose fly balls in the lights, once for a two-run triple and once for an inside the park grand slam, but they got some company on Thursday courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Trey Mancini — in what very well could’ve been the last home at-bat of his Orioles career, as his name has been swirling in trade rumors for some time — hit a fly ball to right field that should have been the second out of the bottom of the eighth, with Baltimore clinging to a one-run lead. Instead, it became an inside the park home run after Josh Lowe couldn’t track the ball in the Baltimore daytime sky, and had it bounce off of his eye, shooting into the corner and allowing Mancini, who isn’t exactly the fastest guy in baseball, to touch ’em all to push the lead to 3-0.

That 3-0 lead ended up being the final score in another Orioles win as they are rather stunningly hanging around the wild card race in the AL. Hopefully Lowe is alright, because that’s quite the knock take to the face, but it’s pretty wild how often we’ve seen guys losing baseballs in the sky this season, resulting in catastrophe.