Triumph Watched World Cup Games In New York, Relentlessly Pooped On Soccer And Every Fan In Sight

UPDATE: Watch Triumph Poop On More Soccer Fans In Part Two Of His World Cup Report

Conan O’Brien asked Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to take in the culturally diverse and authentically filthy World Cup experience. But everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed puppet, who probably isn’t allowed to fly internationally due to a relentless string of poop-related felonies, found a way to simulate the “flashmob of horrible B.O.” without leaving the country: he simply went bar-hopping in Queens.

Watch as the great Robert Smigel’s funniest creation drops soccer-shaming bombs at viewing parties for Colombia, Greece, and Uruguay — and, as usual, delivers devastating zingers about the personal hygiene and style choices of every single person he comes in contact with.

(Via Team Coco)

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