My New Favorite Thing: TRON Hockey

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.13.13 2 Comments

Quick, name four random things! If you answered …

1. Tomáš Jurčo

2. Nine Inch Nails

3. the movie TRON

4. BatteriesPlus

… (and I have no reason to believe you’d answer otherwise), you’re going to love this clip from the Grand Rapids Griffins, by way of Vimeo and Reddit. In it, assuming you need the pieces put together, Jurčo plays hockey in the dark to ’17 Ghosts II’ by Nine Inch Nails, wrapped in light-up tubing (courtesy of sponsor BatteriesPlus, I guess) that mimics the aesthetic of TRON. It promotes … something, and is pretty cool. Batteries, I think?

Anyway, check out the clip below. It’s neat looking, at the very least.

NORTHERN LIGHTS feat. Tomas Jurco from griffinshockey on Vimeo.

I kept waiting for Jeff Bridges to show up and shatter him with a discus, but it never happened. I think the Griffins should figure out a way to make their uniforms glow like this all the time, and challenge other teams to brawls in the dark. They should also have cannons.

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