Iraq’s Hottest New Restaurant Is ‘Trump Fish,’ And It Stole Its Logo From Uproxx

While many foreign nations wait with apprehension to see the true global effects of a Donald Trump presidency, some here and there are excited. Maybe they agree with his politics, maybe they like to see the US humbled, or maybe they just see the humor better from a distance. Either way, some are eager to follow in Trump’s footsteps and make money off his likeness, like the new restaurant called Trump Fish in Kurdish Iraq — with a logo from Uproxx, no less!

Yes, if that cartoon face looks a little familiar, that’s because it was our own Dave Rappocio’s design when he re-imagined every NFL logo as Trump’s likeness. As you could maybe guess from the lightning bolts, Trump Fish went with Dave’s Chargers drawing.

According to Vice, the only kind of fish Trump Fish serves is a greasy bottom feeder that produces oily meat, resembling a carp. We have no further comment to add to that.

For the long early part of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, few outside of his supporters took him seriously. Like he’d been for years as a real estate developer/reality TV host, he was an easy target for jokes — jokes so obvious that few bothered until he drew attention to himself. As a candidate though, the attention was nonstop, and everyone loved to talk about him, including us with the aforementioned logos and other posts.

We can’t help but feel conflicted about how lightly we took it all back then, and maybe Trump Fish will regret tying their business to his brand in a few months or years, but it’s still okay to laugh at Trump, so that’s what we’ll do here — as we think about drawing up cease-and-desist letters. Hey, we learned it from watching Trump.

(Via Vice)