The Trump Administration’s Possible Weed Crackdown Has NFL Agents Worried

03.01.17 2 years ago

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President Donald Trump‘s hard stance on illegal drugs has some NFL players who like weed not just worried about a suspension from Roger Goodell, but prison time.

Bleacher Report published an interview with an anonymous NFL agent in Mike Freeman’s 10-Point Stance on Monday where the agent said he’s stressed to his clients to avoid smoking weed “at all costs.”

“Stay away from marijuana at all costs,” the agent told several of his players in a series of phone calls. “This isn’t about the NFL any longer. This is about the government coming after you.”

In a series of interviews with several veteran players, agents and team officials, I found there is an emerging concern that football players, and possibly many professional athletes, may face increased scrutiny from the federal government under President Donald Trump.

Marijuana use is still a taboo for prospects entering the NFL Draft. Players who get banged for weed in college often see significant drops in their draft value and get flagged for “character issues” on par with violent crimes that should certainly garner much more significant concern. People seem to be changing their opinion on marijuana as certain states have decriminalized it, but the overall thought in football—despite Matt Taibbi’s best efforts—is still that pot is a significant red flag.

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