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09.12.11 7 Comments

On Friday, we discussed the valiant ambitions of J.P. Bolwahnn, the 34-year old running back for the University of San Diego Toreros who has also served in the military for the past 13 years. A Navy SEAL and member of the Special Operations Forces, Bolwahnn openly shared his goal of scoring a touchdown on Saturday against Western New Mexico, so he could stand in the end zone and salute his fallen friends and fellow soldiers. Hold on, I need to check something… yep, still got goosebumps.

Well, San Diego defeated the Mustangs 30-10, and on the closing drive, the Toreros put the rock in Bolwahnn’s hands. How did that turn out, L.A. Times?

Leading 30-10 with 3 minutes 8 seconds left in their home opener, the Toreros took over at Western New Mexico’s 35-yard line and tried to help Bolwahnn fulfill his pledge. Bolwahnn carried the ball on six consecutive plays, gaining a first down, before the clock ran out with San Diego on the 20.

Bolwahnn finished with 15 yards rushing.

I’m not one to ever tell a player not to play, as every player should give his best efforts on a football field. But down 20, with just over 3 minutes remaining, maybe let up a little, Mustangs? I know that sounds stupid and contradictory, but Western New Mexico isn’t exactly on the cusp of becoming a BCS buster. Nor have I ever seen one Mustangs highlight on SportsCenter. So why wouldn’t both teams want to be a part of something so special and meaningful? I’m not saying that the Mustangs should all fall to the ground or open a free hole like their names were Kardashian. I just think they should ease off the pedal a little.

After all, the Iowa Hawkeyes deprived us of a dog leading their team onto the field and they just lost to Iowa State. And in case you’re wondering, I like to imagine that Hawkeye the Dog running onto a field would look a little like this…

[Via True American Dog]

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