TUF 18’s Cody Bollinger Wants To Whoop Barack Obama’s ‘Little Ass’ For Being A Secret Muslim

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11.20.13 15 Comments

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Former The Ultimate Fighter contestant and current World Series Of Fighting signee Cody Bollinger knows you have to live as an example and practice what you preach, so he’s spreading the positivity of selfless Christian love in a Facebook post threatening to kick (or “whoop”) U.S. President Barack Obama’s “little ass” for being anti-Christian and a Top Secret Muslim.

It’s the kind of thing you probably see on your Facebook wall all the time. The only difference is that when your mom or ignorant cousin or whoever becomes a television personality and signs a six figure contract with a sports promotion, their goofy opinions sometimes end up on a comedy sports blog where basement-dwelling nerds like myself get to sit and laugh and point at them.

The challenge, which Obama will no doubt step up to once he’s done Skyping with BatKid and filling out his NCAA tournament brackets:


At least he didn’t post a BitStrip.

A few notes:

1. We live in a country that grants its citizens a thing called “Freedom Of Speech,” which stupid people often interpret as “I can say whatever I want with no consequences and you just have to deal with it,” so what’re you gonna do?

2. MMA fighters are not the best at expressing opinions or emotions, so “I will kick the President’s little ass for being a Muslim” probably equates to, “man, I sure am disappointed in the President” in Regular People Speak. We’re lucky (or unlucky, as it were) that Cody didn’t just scream a bunch of curse words at his computer and expect them to activate Facebook.

3. Obama’s got about three inches and 40 pounds on Bollinger. How little does he think his ass is?

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