Tai Tuivasa Walked Out To Spice Girls, Picked Up A Round One Knockout, And Chugged Beers Out Of Shoes To Celebrate

Whether Tai Tuivasa is a spectator or competing in the Octagon, he’s always one of the most entertaining fighters on the UFC roster. Saturday night at UFC 264, it was the latter, as Tuivasa was welcomed to the cage to the smooth sounds of “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls before he stood toe-to-toe with former NFL player and current heavyweight fighter Greg Hardy.

Hardy gestured to the middle of the Octagon, where Tuivasa was happy to meet him. Tuivasa needed just over a minute to put the heavyweight on the mat with a counter right hook that rocked Hardy, followed by a counter left hook that put him on his back. He followed that up with a flurry of hammer fists before the ref called it a night for Hardy.

After the knockout victory, Tuivasa celebrated on the edge of the cage with a classic “shoeie.”

After the fight, Tuivasa jabbed at Hardy who he said, “wanted to bang with me. I’m not the right guy to bang with, pick another bloke.”

As for what’s next for Tuivasa, he wants to fight someone in the top 10 or top 15. He seemed less than concerned about his next opponent though, as the heavyweight contender continued to chug beers back on his way to the locker room.