This College Football Ref Was Rudely Interrupted By Lil Jon’s ‘Turn Down For What’

09.11.15 3 years ago

While every reasonable football fan’s eyes were trained on Foxboro for the very GIF-able NFL season opener, there was some sweet college football action on Thursday night. That’s right, Western Kentucky-Louisiana Tech. Catch it! Or, you could have caught it, if you were a WKU or La Tech fan or feel really bad for Jeff Driskel. If you were watching, you may have noticed that WKU straight punked a referee while he was trying to call an illegal kickoff penalty.

Sure, the easy explanation would be that someone’s finger slipped, or that they didn’t notice the penalty was being called, but the more fun explanation would be that someone pulled the audio version of breaking through the ceiling and infecting the referee with dancing. The only problem is that the ref is made of stone, and didn’t break character for one second. Well-played, boring ref. You must be the mayor of the town from Footloose.

(Via Luke Zimmermann)

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