Tuukka Rask Ain’t Care About The FCC

The Boston Bruins decided to put an end to the Stanley Cup Finals’ perfect run of overtime games last night with a 2-0 win over the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 3. If you were hoping for a third OT experience in as many games, then you have Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask to thank for that with his 28 saves on 28 shots. Come on, Rask, nobody likes a perfect goalie.

But Rask was far from perfect in the postgame interview, as he was asked about how comfortable he is with his rebound control and if that’s something that he’s been working on a lot, and long story short – Rask dropped the S-bomb on live TV. Fortunately, it was only on NBC Sports, because why on Earth would NBC show the Stanley Cup Finals on the main network when people need to watch The Voice and find out who Adam Levine picks? (I hope it’s me!)

Yeah, anyway, about Rask, he calls the poop sh-t after the jump.

Meanwhile, via Puck Daddy, comes this righteous bro, who turned all of those cliché yellow towels that the Bruins give away for fans to wave in the air into his very own towel suit.

Might I recommend taking it one step further and making towel lingerie for adult film star and Bruins fan Tyler Faith to wear to the remaining Stanley Cup Finals games? What do you think about that, Tyler?

Haha, that’s great.