Twitter-Powered Towel Restores Faith In Humanity

02.02.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Some of you are undoubtedly reeling after Homeland Security’s seizure and shutdown of the popular streaming video site If you’d suffered through any withdrawal, or not, then I think this site is worth a few minutes of your time. It’s Twerrible Towel, and it’s a motorized Terrible Towel powered by YOUR TWEETS.

You send a tweet tagged #SteelerNation. We use Twitter’s API and some coding magic to turn your tweet into a “twirl” command. Which we send to a microcontroller (WTF?) that sends a relay to power a repurposed fan motor for the duration of a single twirl.

Great, it’s not enough that the Steelers are getting the lion’s share of bandwagon fans, but now they’re building even more.

As for ATDHE, they’re back up and running up at this address. So some guy with a Twitter account and a busted fan made a robotic cheerleader, while our over-financed federal government can’t even keep a pirate site offline for an entire day. I’ll consider this paradox further while I head to the bank to cash my welfare check. Those strippers aren’t going to tip themselves, you know.

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