The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over The Announcement Of Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather

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After a year of what seemed like nothing but two dudes flexing at each other across social media, somehow, one of the biggest fights ever was finalized. Give it up to Dana White, Floyd Mayweather, and Conor McGregor for even pursuing this in the first place. This is a perfect storm of combat sports weirdness that will amount to one of the biggest money fights in the history of the world, and will no doubt be one of the most entertaining lead ups to a fight in combat sports history.

Because that’s what’s on the line here — history. Even if Conor McGregor isn’t a pro boxer, and even if Floyd is coming out of retirement at 40 years old for this, everything from here on out is going to be historical, insane and hilarious and everyone knows it. That’s why the entirety of the internet just imploded. That’s why people are losing their damn minds. They know the gravity of this fight, and they also know it’s the freakiest of freak shows. Nevermind the fact that no one thought that this was ever going to happen in the first place. Now we have two months and change until Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor punch each other.

First, let’s look at McGregor and Mayweather’s tweets. Conor shows off Floyd Sr., Floyd does nothing?

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