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The new Zednik Zamboni didn’t go over well.” title=”The new Zednik Zamboni didn’t go over well.” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

Note: Headline not exactly accurate, in that no one died. 

I somehow missed this when it appeared on Deadspin and FanHaus yesterday, but apparently Sunday's Sharks-Penguins game was delayed for almost half an hour when the Zamboni went tits-up before the game.  

The popular ice-cleaning vehicle began leaking a red fluid as it proceeded toward the center red line during a pre-game surface clearing. Jay Roberts, general manager of Mellon Arena for facility operator SMG, said the Zamboni leaked hydraulic fluid, and that engineers were slated to examine the vehicle last night. Roberts praised arena workers for their swift cleaning of the spill.

Ugh, all those facts are boring.  This story would be way more compelling if the Zamboni had run over Sidney Crosby, tracking his blood across the ice.  Not that I have anything against Crosby; it would just be cool to see Pittsburgh fans suffer.

In other NHL news, the trade deadline!  Sergei Fedorov for Theo Ruth?  I mean, who saw that coming?  Hey wait, come back!  I can change the subject!


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