Two Friends, Four Feet, One Kickboxing Title

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01.30.12 2 Comments

It is the year 2006 A.D and nuclear war has ravaged the planet… sorry, anytime kickboxing is brought up, my mind automatically shifts to Kickpuncher, the fake movie that should be real. Thankfully, we can get our heartwarming kickboxing news out of the way this week with a video of a championship bout between two best friends. But before any of you Hollywood types starts going bonkers trying to purchase the rights, let me make a few points:

1) We already had Warrior last year, and that was a decent enough movie. The unwritten law of feel-good fighting movies is that we should have at least one year between productions. Sure, that’s my rule, but trust me, it’s a good one.

B) We don’t really know much about this video, so they could have agreed to make the match quick and presumably painless for the sake of collecting and splitting the winnings. Let’s not go honoring these bros until we know that they were legitimate.

III) They should both have smoking hot sisters who are roommates in college. *wink wink, nudge nudge*

I know, I don’t know how I’m not a studio executive either.

Also, this was the first thing I thought about when Robopanda sent us the link to this video:

And without any surprise, Redditor rickscarf beat everyone to the punch, so a tip of the fedora to that man.

(Via Reddit)

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