Watch These Two Alligators Fighting At The 17th Hole Of The PGA’s Zurich Classic

The Zurich Classic in Avondale, La., is an annual PGA Tournament event commonly referred to as the Gator Classic due to a dozen or so adult alligators who make their home within the course grounds. Two years ago, the event made headlines when a three-legged gator, nicknamed Tripod, crossed a fairway during the opening round.

Over the weekend, two gators created quite the scene for the gallery at the 17th hole when they emerged from the water and began fighting one another. A spectator caught the whole thing on video, and one official can be seen leisurely walking past it like it’s no big deal.

I wonder what it would take for spectators to make a bigger deal over seeing an alligator on a golf course. Maybe if it was the size of a large truck, perhaps?