Two Members Of The Anaheim Ducks Were Diagnosed With The Mumps

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Anaheim Ducks leading scorer Corey Perry and defenseman Francois Beauchemin both fell ill recently, and after doctor visits in which both players were given mouth swabs, their tests revealed they had the mumps. Perry has already missed four games as a result but has recently been cleared to resume practicing with the team. Beauchemin, who has missed two games so far, has not yet been cleared and is expected to be out a few more days. Team doctor Craig Milhouse said the virus is not serious and both players should have no trouble fighting it off.

“The mumps last about a week, the contagious period is about five to seven days after you start getting swollen glands. It’s not more serious [in adults], seems like it hits them a little harder. The body fights it off, it runs its course and it’s over with.”

It was not known how either player contracted the virus.

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