03.10.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

There was an interesting show during halftime of the Timberwolves vs. Heat game at the Target Center last night:

Several entertainers were using trampolines to get airborne and perform acrobatic dunks during the intermission, and one apparently grabbed the rim for too long.

The rim that the Heat were to shoot at in the second half was badly bent, so workers wheeled the entire structure — backboard, frame and all — out of the arena and brought a backup piece of equipment into play.

Why bring a new basket out?  You're in the West – you need the wins.  Let's see Shaq dunk on a rim that wasn't there.  Alas, my fellow Irishman, Kevin McHale, did not consult me, and the Heat went on to win the game 105-91.  This reminds me of the Catholic Grade School Athletic Conference tactic of removing the peach baskets of the vistor's goal.  Every team had a perfect home record (except St. Emeric, they really sucked).  The great equalizer came at the conference tourney on the miniature court at St. Benedict's in beautiful Blue Island.  The gym was too small for a full-size court, so after the ball was advanced past "half" court, there was a line behind that you could take the ball back to without an Over and Back violation.  I had no idea where I was on that fucking court, of course the heroin didn't help.  (That's right Jim Carroll ripped me off – imagine an Irish DiCaprio with more cigarette burns.) -KD

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