Did This Woman Confess On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ To Cheating With NHL Player Tyler Johnson?

Jimmy Kimmel Live often does these man on the street segments that usually end up embarrassing to the pedestrian being asked a question. This particular segment may have embarrassed someone who wasn’t even involved with the bit.

Let’s start with the topic. Because the Nobel Prizes are being handed out this week, Kimmel asked pedestrians about the most impressive thing they ever did. After claims of kicking a cat and eating huge burgers, it ended on one pedestrian whose impressive feat was cheating on her boyfriend without him finding out. When asked why she would do it, the pedestrian noted that the boyfriend never knew it and that she cheated with “a famous athlete.” After dropping hints that this famous athlete plays hockey for Tampa Bay with the initials of T.J., it didn’t take long for the man with the microphone to guess Tyler Johnson, which led to our mystery lady getting flustered and suddenly having to go.

To be fair, we don’t know any details beyond what was said here, and while it wouldn’t be breaking news that hockey players get around, Johnson has not commented on this yet. But having it play out on national TV (as opposed to social media) seemed quite unusual and worth noting here.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)