Tyler Johnson Responded To The ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Woman Who Claimed To Have Cheated On Her Boyfriend With Him

If you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran the segment seen above on Monday night, in which an interviewer asked people on the street about the most impressive thing they’ve ever done. For some reason, one woman interviewed decided that the most impressive thing she had ever accomplished in her entire life was cheating on her boyfriend and not having him find out.

When pressed a little more, the woman revealed two things: 1) It was her ex-boyfriend, so her current one shouldn’t be worried (sorry, Ben), and 2) that the man she cheated with just happened to be a famous athlete, who’s initials were TJ, and played hockey in Tampa Bay. The interviewer quickly deduced that the most likely option here was Lightning center Tyler Johnson. The woman’s reaction of becoming embarrassed and saying she had to go seemed to all but confirm that Johnson was indeed the culprit.

When asked about it on Tuesday, however, Johnson (who, whether the story was true or not, could not have been happy to have his personal life brought into question on national TV like that) denied the story outright, according to Tampa Bay Times writer Joe Smith.

So, there you have it. It’s Johnson’s word against the word of the random woman in Los Angeles. Now all we can do is sit and wait patiently for the infamous “Ben” to comment.