New Orleans Native Tyrann Mathieu Says He Received Death Threats Following Will Smith’s Murder

04.12.16 3 years ago

After the senseless killing of former New Orleans Saints’ defensive end Will Smith on Sunday, many members of the NFL community have been speaking out about gun violence in New Orleans, including Saints’ head coach Sean Payton. Also among those to speak out was Cardinals’ cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, who grew up in the city and went to college at LSU. Mathieu took to Twitter to say that he knew the man who shot and killed Smith, Cardell Hayes, and called him a coward.

I know that dude, he been a hating ass coward…. Never knew he’d grow up to be a killer though…. May you get what you deserve, coward.

Mathieu went on The Rich Eisen Show on Monday to speak about Smith’s death and the culture of violence that surrounds the city of New Orleans. During the interview, he revealed he had been receiving death threats after tweeting about Hayes.

“I think it was one of those situations where, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and he bumped into the wrong person. I look at that personally, and, Rich, it’s not really for me to put his personal business on air. Because when I came out yesterday and called him a coward, I received death threats from guys in New Orleans, from his relatives. I’m thinking to myself ‘what do you guys want from me?’ I’m only here to speak the truth, that’s it.”

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