Horrifying Audio Of Tyreek Hill Was Released A Day After Child Abuse Charges Weren’t Filed

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One day after local authorities declined to bring charges of child abuse against Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill or his fiancée, Crystal Espinal, for an incident that occurred back in March that led to Hill’s 3-year-old son suffering a broken arm, audio surfaced that has caused the decision to be called into question. The audio comes was acquired by KCTV5 News in Kansas City from Espinal, who viewed this as an “insurance policy.”

The recording includes 11 minutes of audio, and while, per Yahoo Sports, it is unclear if prosecutors had the tape prior to Wednesday, it is now in their possession.

Here is a collection of what Hill said on the recording. A warning that the recording is disturbing and includes explicit language.

There is no word on whether this tape will lead to a change in Wednesday’s decision by the authorities. District attorney Stephen M. Howe explained that the decision to not file charges stemmed from an inability to determine who committed the crime against Hill’s son.

“This office has reviewed all the evidence compiled by these agencies and has declined to file charges against Tyreek Hill and Crystal Espinal,” Howe said. “We are deeply troubled by this situation and are concerned about the health and welfare of the child in question. We believe a crime has occurred. However, the evidence in this case does not conclusively establish who committed this crime.”

The Chiefs have not commented on the existence of the audio.

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