Tyrod Taylor Bought All Of His Offensive Lineman Massive Televisions For Christmas

Buffalo Bills v Washington Redskins
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The Buffalo Bills have had a disappointing season this year, as they are 6-8 with two weeks left of the season and will not be making the playoffs, continuing their streak of 16-consecutive years without a postseason spot, the longest current drought in the NFL.

A bright spot for Buffalo, however, has been the play of quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who, in his first year as a starter, provided an upgrade from what Buffalo would have gotten from E.J. Manuel or Matt Cassel. Taylor has completed more than 63 percent of his passes for Buffalo to go along with 20 touchdowns, 450 rushing yards, and only five interceptions.

Taylor certainly showed that he is a capable NFL starter, but he wouldn’t have played as well as he did if he didn’t get protection from the Buffalo offensive line, and Taylor knows how to keep the big men happy, as he bought them all 65-inch Samsung TVs for Christmas.

Buffalo’s offensive line hasn’t actually been that great protecting Taylor, as they have given up 37 sacks, 11th most in the league. They have done a decent job keeping him off the ground, though, as Buffalo QBs have been hit only 71 total times, in the bottom tier of the league (something tells me the Browns’ and Colts’ quarterbacks won’t be pitching in for TVs for their line after being hit 108 times each thus far).

Still, you have to give Taylor credit for showing his teammates some appreciation despite a rough season. No word on if the left the Bills’ secondary lumps of coal.