Tyron Woodley Shuts Down Wonderboy’s Claims To A UFC Title Shot And Calls Out Nick Diaz For A Money Fight

Just a few days ago it was all so simple. Tyron Woodley would fall to the mighty Robbie Lawler, then Lawler would go on to fight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and his magical karate. Now, we’re trying to make sense of the welterweight landscape now that Woodley has upset Lawler with the fastest victory in welterweight title fight history. Woodley should fight Wonderboy next, right? That’s what makes sense, right? No. The MMA Gods are vindictive and unpredictable, and they have sent Woodley to reign over the welterweight division however he sees fit.

After UFC 201, Wonderboy decided to ask Woodley for a title shot, much like how Woodley took to the cameras to angle for his. This was what the fans wanted, Wonderboy finally karate kicking his way to a title fight. Sadly, for the legions of Stephen Thompson fans, Woodley would shut him down and call out Nick Diaz for a fight at UFC 202. You know, that small card with Nate Diaz rematching Conor McGregor.

Now, I’m a Nick Diaz apologist. I’m totally fine with him getting a title shot despite being winless since 2011 and out of the sport for the last 18 months, but no. Woodley took almost two years off, and needs a real title defense. I love that he wants to fight at 202, but it doesn’t seem like this is gonna work out.

Either way, MMA fans are pretty annoyed at Woodley’s championship reign already. They want a Wonderboy.

All we can do is wait and see how this shakes out. For now, check out the UFC 201 post-fight press conference highlights and try to wrap your head around the welterweight division.

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