The UCLA And Cal Marching Bands Trolled USC With This Wonderful Trojan Horse Performance

UCLA and Cal may be college football rivals (or at least conference foes), but there is one thing they can agree on: Hating USC. So, even though the two teams faced off on Thursday night (UCLA upset 20th-ranked Cal 40-24), their marching bands got together for a bit of trolling by recreating the Greek army’s classic Trojan Horse maneuver. Silly Trojans; it gets them every time!

According to Fox Sports, this formation is called the “Downfall of Troy” and has been performed by UCLA several times, starting in 1984. They previously collaborated with the University of Washington in 1999, and this time it was Cal giving them a helping hand. Apparently, the bands met during the week at UCLA’s baseball stadium to practice the routine.

Marching band purists might look down on the relative lack of playing while moving around, but it’s still cool to see the fake retreat and the “Trojans” falling asleep. Although, to be honest, we were expecting a lot more carnage once the gates were secretly opened. If you weren’t going to slaughter the Trojans in their sleep, why’d you even send the horse in the first place? To wake them up really obnoxiously with brass music? Check your history books, UCLA. The people were expecting blood.