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This is about the point in the college basketball season where a casual fan such as myself will actually start paying attention. The conference tourneys are coming up (which are a tremendous waste of time), and the big brackets appear a few days after that (after the first weekend, same thing). I hate filling in tournament predictions without any information. On that note, we lead off with actual news today, as No. 3 UCLA clinched their 29th conference title by beating No. 7 Stanford last night. Kevin Love had 17 points and 10 rebounds for his 19th double-double of the season. How does it feel to win your first conference title, Kev? 

“It feels great. We’re going to soak it all up.”

Glad I asked. One other result for you: No. 24 Clemson shit the bed in Atlanta against Georgia Tech last night. The Tigers, you might remember, won their first 18 games in 2006-07 but were relegated to the NIT after playing terribly in-conference. While UCLA has all but locked up a one-seed, Clemson still has an outside shot of missing the tournament after losing to the likes of mighty Charlotte and (aside from Maryland's choke job last weekend) no real quality road wins. These borderline big-conference teams are the ones that should be playing in that shitty play-in game in Dayton when the tournament starts, not the smaller schools that, while having less caché, actually managed to take care of business.

— Monday Morning Punter

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