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UConn lineman Rob Lunn started his own blog, and while it may come up short on photos of his own genitalia, it is a refreshingly candid look at a BCS-conference team from the inside. Titled Thoughts From A Fat White Guy, Lunn breaks down not only his own play, but that of his teammates, with a PG-level brand of humor. Some excerpts:

The offensive line play was good, led by fellow senior (center) Keith Gray…While he still might resemble a Koala, I think he does a great job.

Again Julius Williams is stealing sacks from me and again I admit that if only I had been a little faster (insert fat white joke here) I’d have had him clean, which is a little frustrating because Griffin from Baylor had the moves to make me look silly, but this kid had no business escaping my grip.

Cody Brown again added to the strong case he is making for the NFL. (Although, I will say that as his roommate on the road, NFL execs might wanna consult me if they need a witness to personal hygiene. Time to shower, Cody. Seriously.)

It’s pretty cool that Lunn apparently hasn’t faced any resistance to his chronicling of the Huskies’ season. Hopefully Lunn’s blog will pave the way for Thoughts From A Tailback That Bangs Sorority Girls Around The Clock, which would be a delicious addition to anyone’s Google Reader. Or my porn bookmarks. I’m not picky.

[found on USA Today Blogs]

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