UFC 164 Predictions, Courtesy Of Taiwan Animation

UFC 164 goes down tomorrow night. Unfortunately, any and all MMA journalism has been rendered moot by this set of UFC 164 predictions, presented by Next Media Animation in badly-done, absurdist Taiwan animation.

Seriously, how do you top this? Taiwan’s UFC predictions include a pair of toddlers beating up a pair of bikers for blowing exhaust in their faces. One of them dispatches the bikers by himself using an uppercut that causes tornadoes. Shortly thereafter we get a few gay jokes, a baby-sized Dana White getting kneed into a television screen and the world’s most escalated Showtime Kick.

Check it out, then let us know what you think will happen in the comments below. For fun, do it like you’re one of the Taiwan animation writers. Reminder: all comments should end with a panda bear going down a waterslide.

Poor baby Dana.