UFC 174 Predictions: Will Mighty Mouse Squash Ali Bagautinov’s Title Hopes?

Welcome back to the world’s greatest collection of MMA picks, predictions, and prognostications! With Leather proudly brings to you the Staff Predictions for UFC 174 – Johnson versus Bagautinov. If you would like more information about the fighters, check out the official UFC 174 page. Before we get into the picks, here’s the rundown of the people guessing: from the terrible state of Alabama, a capo in the Dagestani Knucklegame Cartel, Jessica “Lobster Leg Mobster Kick TKO” Hudnall. Hailing from Florida, but not the weirdo meth parts of the state (that’s a thing?), Ashley “BURNSY” Burns! From Milwaukee but also San Diego, the fightingest prognosticator (Until I get a few bourbons in me, then WATCH OUT, GRANDMA), Danny “Boy” Downes! And from the overpriced streets of San Francisco, it’s Vince “Mama’s Meatball Recipe” Mancini!


Jessica: 118-62-2 (65%)
Burnsy: 118-61-3 (65%)
Vince: 57-23-1 (70%)
Danny: 87-39-1 (69%)
Eric: 32-20-1 (60%)
Ghost: 6-7 (46%) I don’t think he’s coming back to us :(

Lightweight – Jason Saggo vs Josh Shockley

Jessica: Shockley’s profile picture on the UFC site makes him look like a giant goober. He probably is a giant goober, so I’m taking Saggo to submit him in the second round.

Danny: The first fight of the night is between two UFC rookies. Both have grappling ability, but not much to show on the feet. Shockley has wins over tougher competition and looks like someone from a Guy Ritchie movie. He wins by decision.

Vince: Haha, “Saggo.” Not knowing anything about either of these guys, I’ll take Shockley via not being named after your mom.