UFC 196 Just Produced A Knockout Of The Year Contender In March

Nordine Taleb just knocked out Erick Silva with a perfect technical display of muay thai that countered Silva’s wild strikes and sent his consciousness into orbit. It’s not often when you get to see EA UFC 2’s floppy ragdoll physics actually displayed in the Octagon, but we did tonight. Taleb’s fist went full-force into Silva’s head, and for his part, he went full faceplant. This legitimately could be a Knockout of The Year contender.

Fight after fight, UFC 196 refuses to be boring.

After some feeling to start the fight, Silva pressured Taleb early with his usual display of aggressive fighting and both men were landing hard. As the fight went on, it seemed more and more like like Taleb was measuring Silva up and waiting for him show his hand.

That moment came in the second round when Silva had multiple kicks in a row caught by Taleb, then the Tristar fighter countered perfectly and Silva proved that his floppy hair and a slow motion  camera add undeniable style to a highlight reel knockout.


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