Watch Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Battle With Words At The UFC 196 Press Conference

There are plenty of story lines around UFC 196. Holly Holm is defending her women’s bantamweight belt against Miesha Tate after defeating Ronda Rousey. Diego Sanchez is returning to the UFC cage after a long layoff, and a little welterweight bout between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor is headlining the show. The latter matchup promises to dominate this press conference with a combination of rehearsed put-downs and so-simple-they’re-genius comebacks. UFC 196 is hype. We’re so close.

The press conference started with a thirty-five-minute opening mini-movie.

Notes of interest:

Nate started out cold, and annoyed at questions.

The crowd was HOT for Conor McGregor, cheering on mentions of his name and Conor’s usual, confident boasts.

Conor says there are a lot of “scared p*ssies in the fight game”. The McGregor fans go nuts. Ireland is strong at this press conference. To that point, Conor goes on about how he doesn’t want to pull out.