Watch Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Battle With Words At The UFC 196 Press Conference

There are plenty of story lines around UFC 196. Holly Holm is defending her women’s bantamweight belt against Miesha Tate after defeating Ronda Rousey. Diego Sanchez is returning to the UFC cage after a long layoff, and a little welterweight bout between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor is headlining the show. The latter matchup promises to dominate this press conference with a combination of rehearsed put-downs and so-simple-they’re-genius comebacks. UFC 196 is hype. We’re so close.

The press conference started with a thirty-five-minute opening mini-movie.

Notes of interest:

Nate started out cold, and annoyed at questions.

The crowd was HOT for Conor McGregor, cheering on mentions of his name and Conor’s usual, confident boasts.

Conor says there are a lot of “scared p*ssies in the fight game”. The McGregor fans go nuts. Ireland is strong at this press conference. To that point, Conor goes on about how he doesn’t want to pull out.

Things start to heat up as Conor accuses Nate of passing the limelight and becoming scared. Saying he isn’t talking. Saying he’s picking on Jon Anik.

Nate Diaz starts states that everyone involved can f*ck themselves.

Holly Holm gets a good moment saying that the pressure is on her after beating Ronda. Crowd seems behind Miesha. The two women are being super-respectful and thoughtful. The vibes between the participants of the two bouts are night and day.

Conor McGregor gets thoughtful when discussing Muhammad Ali, rejecting the comparison as Ali changed culture as well as fighting.

Nate cites Tyson and the Gracie family as inspirations. Thoughtful applause from the audience.

Conor gets vicious again saying Nate should dance for him thanks to Conor “giving him” this matchup. Nate says Conor should thank him. I think they should thank each other.

Conor McGregor says he’s going to rip down the banner of Floyd Mayweather on the MGM Grand.

Conor says he’s going to “play” with Nate Diaz. Saying he’s too predictable. Nate is silent.

Nate says Conor is “playing touch butt with that dork in the park.” Nate then says his squad and crew of fighters could beat Conor’s JV squad. Conor actually goes quiet.

Conor calls out Nate for ditching 155, then Nate says that he agreed to 155 and insinuated he and Dana were lying. Dana White is smiling brightly. Conor and Nate are getting grim.

81,765 people are watching. This doesn’t seem to be as hyped as the original press conference.

McGregor predicts a 4th round finish, but “hopes” Nate can last until the second. Nate is quiet.

Conor McGregor has a dream fight. He wants to fight himself. “Imagine the numbers if there were two of me!”

Nate says he knew he’d be having to fight Conor eventually.

Conor kind of concurs, saying it was “almost obvious” Rafael Dos Anjos would pull out.

There’s nothing behind Conor’s haircut, the Irishman explains. He buzzed his hair because it was annoying him.

Holly finally gets another question after many minutes of Nate/Conor. She believes that she trains with the best team ever.

The most important question of the night:

Nate says “there ain’t sh*t to say, just fight.” Conor then goes quiet.

The ladies face off, and it is subdued.

CONOR AND NATE FACE OFF AND THERE’S FIRE! Nate sticks his fist in Conor’s face, Conor whacks it out of the way (throws a punch?!)and the two nearly start a brawl. Nick and Jake shields are on stage talking crap to Conor’s people as they are separated.