UFC 198 Keys To Victory: How Can Miocic Beat Werdum?

Welcome to Keys to Victory, literally the only place on the entire internet that talks about what an underdog fighter has to do to win a high profile fight. In this edition, Stipe Miocic brings a two-fight win streak to bear against UFC heavyweight champ Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum in the main event of UFC 198. Let’s take a look at how Miocic can leave Brazil with an extra twelve pounds of gold in his luggage.

Striking: Outside Kickboxing

Werdum is very dangerous in the clinch, threatening with knees and take downs. Stipe has a three inch reach advantage, and while Fabricio also has a solid kicking game, Miocic will be better served to box from the outside.

Grappling: Careful Wrestling

If Stipe does look to wrestle, he’ll need to be very careful. Werdum’s grappling is way too good from pretty much any position. If Miocic isn’t in some form of mount, Werdum probably has an opportunity for a submission.

Stipe also needs to be aware of his ground and pound. Unless he’s got a super advantageous position, posturing up to generate more power will probably end with a sweep, reversal, or submission attempt from Werdum.

Wild Card: Stop Being from Cleveland

I hate to be so negative to Stipe, but facts are facts. He’s from Cleveland, and that city is forever cursed to never see a world championship. If he hasn’t already moved to another city, it’s probably too late to do anything about it now.

You can watch Stipe Miocic attempt to defeat Fabricio Werdum and win the heavyweight title at UFC 198.