Cain Velasquez Beats Down Travis Browne At UFC 200

Cain Velasquez knew defeating Travis Browne would get him one step closer to reclaiming his heavyweight title. Seemingly healthy, coming off a 13-month layoff and with a newfangled training regimen, the former champ looked fantastic.

Browne and Velasquez looked like they were in two different weight classes, but Cain worked the legs and struck his way into his grinding clinch against the cage. In a hell has frozen over technique, Cain dizzied Browne with a wheel kick and followed up with a flurry of punches that brought Browne to the ground.

Seriously, a wheel kick. As the last ten-second marker hit, Big John could do nothing but step in as Cain imposed his will on Browne.

This was classic Cain. And when you face a prime, healthy Cain Velasquez, few people stand a chance. So what happens now? Does Cain rematch Werdum, or is he next in line to fight the winner of Stipe Miocic/Alistair Overeem? Either fight makes sense, and either fight would be fun. Hell, Cain could even take on the loser of that fight if the UFC wants to see if he can stay healthy. That said, maybe they should just book him the shot immediately for that very reason.

Either way, good job, good effort Cain. What a beatdown.