The Official UFC 205 Promo Will Give Chills To Longtime Fight Fans

Entertainment Editor
10.09.16 3 Comments

The final step into mainstream acceptance for the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC comes on November 12th when Madison Square Garden will open its doors for UFC 205. In the sport’s relatively short lifetime, this has been the white whale. Politicians with ulterior motives have blocked MMA’s legality in the state of New York, thus relegating the UFC to holding events across the bridge in New Jersey. It’s a hop skip and a jump from New York, but Madison Square Garden was always the goal, always the ultimate venue for an event that would leave fans breathless. Finally, the thick walls of red tape have been burst through, and now we’re here — gazing at one of, if not the greatest promo in MMA history.

Of course, context is king. This is just another Walking In Slow Motion™ promo without knowing of the struggle to get MMA into New York. But with that knowledge, and with three champions putting their belts on the line, each with something serious to prove and additionally with Conor McGregor going after a the long sought after title of dual-weight champion, the Walking In Slow Motion™ becomes that much more intense, and chills are impossible to resist.

This is why we love MMA.

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