Daniel Cormier Plans To Beat Jon Jones Twice, Then Give Him The Belt

UFC 214 finally goes down Saturday July 29th and with it the long awaited rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, which has been two years in the making due to injuries, scandals, and suspensions. Over that time, both Jones and Cormier have talked a lot of trash about each other, and its clear that some of those attacks have hurt their feelings. Cormier has been talking up the theory that Jon has been on steroids for the majority of his UFC career, something that clearly irks Jones.

Meanwhile, Jones has been calling Cormier a paper champion who never deserved to hold the light heavyweight title. Cormier has tried to make light of that talk, but it’s clear it bugs him. So much so that he’s got an elaborate plan to punish Jones for it. He intends to beat Jon twice and then leave the division, handing Jon the belt back so he can feel what it’s like being called a fake champ.

“That’s what’s going to happen after the third fight,” Cormier said during a recent media scrum. “I’m going to say ‘Here, this is his. I want him to be the champion right now.’ So all the people that said they gave me a title, I will literally give him the title and say, ‘You’re the champ now, deal with this s**t.”

“Would that not be the ultimate f**k you? I think he’ll win again after I’m done. After I beat him twice and if I walk off into the sunset or I leave this division, he’ll be champion again. I want him to deal with what I’ve had to deal with, where he is going to be berated for something that is not in his control.”

Cormier was also keen to remind people that their first fight wasn’t exactly a blow out in Jon Jones’ favor like many of his previous title defenses.

“All his praise that he’s giving himself about that victory, like he dominated me?” Cormier said. “It tells me he did something he didn’t know he could do. He won a fight, he didn’t wipe the mat with me, but he’s walking around here like he just – he’s walking around like he beat Lyoto Machida or Shogun Rua. I’m serious. He’s walking around as if he dominated my fight like he beat Shogun Rua, and he talks about my mentality? That tells me that he surprised himself on Jan. 3, 2016. I’m not letting his ass off the hook this time.”

(via MMA Junkie)