Amanda Nunes Defends Her UFC Title Against Valentina Shevchenko With A Frustrating Split-Decision

After dropping out of their UFC 213 fight the day of, Valentina Shevchenko and Amanda Nunes became upped the bitterness levels of their feud. Nunes had to push back her second title defense after destroying Ronda Rousey last year, and Shevchenko was denied her chance at proving that her UFC 196 loss to Nunes was a fluke, setting up the trilogy.

Shevchenko has been on a warpath since that loss, defeating former champ Holly Holm and top contender Julianna Pena as Nunes racked up wins against Miesha Tate and of course, Ronda. Both of these ladies ruled their division, and now it’s clear that Nunes is absolutely queen, even if Nunes’ split-decision win wasn’t that impressive.

Hopefully, this isn’t the new Nunes, who fights overly-cautious now that she has the belt.

Surprisingly, Nunes (the female Vitor Belfort) didn’t come out guns a blazin’ in round 1 and took her time by picking apart the lead leg of Shevchenko. This highlight sums it up (nothing much was going on).

Both fighters were pensive into the second round where Shevchenko started opening up a bit more, but the boos started around a minute left in the second despite Shevchenko upping the pace and frequency of feints.

Both women respected each other’s power, but the momentum was going Shevchenko’s way heading into the third, where Nunes would edge forward on a counter striking Shevchenko. The fifth round started off with fire. Amanda Nunes said something to Valentina and came out like her usual self (a furious four-punch combo), but then the ladies settled back into their stalemate as the boos rained down.

Then a “Let’s go Oilers” chant started. Sad.

Nunes goes for a takedown, but Shevchenko defends it, and both ladies separate then trade kicks again. Then this happened, and the fight ends with Nunes on top, but not doing much. As the bell rings, Nunes is slow to get off so Shevchenko pushes her off with her feet and flips her off. It was one of the most exciting moments of the fight.

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