UFC 215’s Terrible Non-Stoppage Led To An Oddly-Historic Judge’s Scorecard

Entertainment Editor

UFC 215 bore witness to one of the most despicable reffing jobs in MMA history when the Edmonton Athletic Commission rolled human Ivan Drago meme Kyle Gardner out to make the unspoken statement of: “If he dies, he dies” in the fight between Gavin Tucker and Rick Glenn. Tucker took dozens of unanswered shots and looked like he was out multiple times as he bled all over the Octagon.

Even though the fight never should’ve gone to the scorecards, it did, and in doing so, it created a weird piece of UFC history. Never before has a fight so perfectly displayed the ineptitude of a judging trio, as this became the first fight ever to have a 30-24 score in addition to a score that begins with a 29.

Here’s the historic scorecard: 30-24, 30-24, and somehow, 29-27.

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