A Clever Pirate Pretends He’s Playing A UFC Game As He Secretly Broadcasts UFC 218

12.03.17 4 months ago

It’s a battle as old as the UFC — pirates versus PPV broadcasters. Laws can be passed, websites can be shut down, but those that want to illegally broadcast the latest and greatest UFC fight will always find a way. About 25 years ago, it was sketchy cable boxes, now it’s a dude pretending to play a UFC game while he broadcasts UFC 218. Unlike so many pirates, this dude gets points for being clever.

Look at him, holding his controller up and getting into the action so much that he shifts back and forth in his seat to really, really sell the fact that this is not an illegal stream that can garner fines and have his whole operation shut down. He even raises his controller up to his neck to stress the fact that he’s damn into this game right now, this digital war between Jose Aldo and Max Holloway, who might be overpowered. After what Holloway did to Aldo last night, the developers may have to look to re-tune his move set. It is what it is.

I wonder what his reaction was like when Francis Ngannou nearly decapitated Alistair Overeem with a single punch?

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