The ‘BMF’ Title Was Officially Unveiled Ahead Of UFC 244

Dana White’s promise to Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal to create a championship belt specifically around the claim of being the “Baddest Motherf***er” in the fight game has been fulfilled, as the title was unveiled one night before UFC 244 from Madison Square Garden.

With inscriptions pointing to the event and date, the $50,000 championship belt includes the letters “BMF” with “baddest” near the top and “motherf***er” underneath.

Diaz made his return to the Octagon after nearly three years away to beat Anthony Pettis in August. After the bout, he called out Masvidal as the only opponent who could truly challenge him for the “BMF” moniker. White moved quickly after a few other options fell through to book Masvidal in the fight with Diaz, striking while the iron was hot following Masvidal’s impressive knockout victory over Ben Askren.

There were concerns the fight might fall apart after Diaz tweeted he wouldn’t be making it to New York last week following a failed drug test, but thanks to some quick maneuvering, everything is expected to go on as planned.

While no traditional UFC belt is on the line here, White and the organization have done their best to give this one a big fight feel. Masvidal and Diaz have been given the main event slot in MSG, with The Rock in attendance to award the belt to the victor.

Diaz and Masvidal square off at UFC 244 Saturday night, with the main card starting at 10 p.m. ET.