UFC Champ Robbie Lawler And Rory MacDonald Had Some Awkward Trash Talk

UFC welterweight champ, “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler and his opponent at UFC 189 in July, Rory “The Red King” MacDonald were on Canada’s Late O’Clock News to discuss trash talk. Neither man is particularly adept at attacking opponents verbally, so Paul Lemieux decided to help both men out with some choice barbs. My two favorites:

“Get ready for a world of discomfort” – If Rory had added a “sorry” at the end, that might have been the most Canadian trash talk in the history of the planet.

“After I defeat you, I will eat your heart, feast on your family, and then I will go to Disneyland” – I assume Robbie went to Disney World after winning the title, so it makes sense to hit Disneyland after defending it.

With as congenial as Robbie and Rory are, it’s a shame they didn’t get their own world press tour to hype the fight like Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor got. You can see Robbie and Rory attempt to do great violence upon one another on July 11th on UFC 189.