The UFC Coloring Book: You Know, For Kids!

Masato Toys has long been a staple in the MMA photoshop game, and he’s back again, this time with a coloring and activity book! It’s one part Bun B’s Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr, one part the UG, all parts amazing.

BJ Penn licking blood from his gloves? I’m not sure if I have enough red crayons, but I’ll try my best to color it! But what about the activity part, you say? Don’t way, Masato would never let you down!

Too soon again, Masato Toys, too soon again!

See the rest of the coloring pages and activities over here. If you print out a page, color it, take a picture, and send it in, you will get a prize*

* – Prize is me saying “good jeorb, congrats” on the internet to you