Are Conor McGregor And The UFC Finally Squashing Their Beef?

As interesting as the drama has been surrounding Conor McGregor lately, the unfortunate reality is that none of it gets him any closer to his next fight. He’s not getting back on the UFC 200 card, and barring some sort of legal miracle, he can’t ignore his UFC contract and fight Floyd Mayweather. So we welcome this news from UFC president Dana White on the Dan Patrick show that they’re working to get him on another fight card.

“Conor and I have been talking every day,” he said. “We’re gonna have dinner next week, our relationship is great, and we’re gonna put the little speed bump up in the road that happened behind us and move forward. So everything is great. He will not be on [UFC] 200. We’re going to get together and see what card he’ll end up fighting on.”

When Dan Patrick suggested we might see McGregor vs Diaz 2 on UFC 202 in August, White replied “Sounds like a good idea to me!”

White has been quite adamant through this entire process with McGregor that their relationship is still great, something he’s had to reiterate over and over since it seems like there’s a growing rift between the two parties. McGregor still hasn’t said anything on the subject, but social-media posts pushing a fight with Mayweather certainly implies he’s not particularly happy with the UFC.

We’ll have to wait and see how this dinner works out. Dana White seems willing to back off on his demand that Conor’s next fight be a featherweight title fight, allowing McGregor to have his rematch with Nate Diaz. Will that be enough to bring McGregor back into the fold? And even if it is, will he come back happy or continue to fight with the UFC in addition to his opponents?