UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs Mousasi Staff Predictions

The UFC returns once again to Brazil (Home of terrifying things) for the Fight Night 36 card.  This is the first trip back to Brazil since Belfort vs Henderson, which, other than the main event was fun because of how quickly the crowd would start up their “UH VAI MORRER” chants only to fall completely silent when the Brazilian guy would lose. If you want more info on the Fight Night 36 card, with stats and junk, head to the UFC’s official Fight Night 36 page, if you want far less information with dumb jokes, check out my Fight Night 36 event primer. Quite a lot of fights to predict (And several featuring complete unknowns!), so Burnsy and myself are gonna get right into it, plus we are joined by current and former fighters such as “Thug” Rose Namajunas (She was a little brief, but she also scares me, so I’m letting her do what she wants) and Danny “Boy” Downes.

Featherweight – Douglas “D’Silva” Silva de Andrande vs Zubair “Warrior” Tuhugov

Jessica: Unless they start just losing en masse, I will continue to predict in favor of Russians, eastern Europeans, people from the Balkans and Caucasus, and so on. Tuhugov wins by a third round KO.

Danny: Silva de Andrade’s 22-0 record (18 of which by knockout) looks very impressive. On further glance, though, you realize he’s had about as many squash matches as Goldberg. His opponents have a terrible combined record and many of them were actually making their professional debut when they fought. Despite that, he still has impressive knockout power and Tukhugov leaves a lot of holes in his defense. Douglas by first round TKO.

Burnsy:  I’m picking blind for most of these because my knowledge of the Brazilians and Russians is still basic at best. But it’s no different than me always being wrong about the guys I’ve watched fight before. So I’m taking Tuhugov.

Welterweight: Ildemar “Marajo” Alcantara vs Albert “Einstein” Tumenov

Jessica: Again, a dude with a name ending in -ov going against a Brazilian, in Brazil? Gotta go with Al, and I’ll say he gets a third round TKO (Look at that differentiation!)