UFC Fight Night 40 Staff Predictions

The ZuffApocalypse rolls on as The Ultimate Fighter: Nations (Canada versus Australia) reaches its climax on Wednesday night. Known to some as Fight Night 40, this TUF Finale is chock full of dudes from a season of the show I never watched, so I’m expecting a crap shoot on my picks. If you require information about these fighters, take a peek over at the UFC’s official Fight Night 40 page. My terrible picks are joined by the fancy and handsome (Fandsome? Hancy?) Burnsy’s predictions, Vince “Film Drunk” Mancini, and Danny “Boy” Downes.

Before we dive head-first into the predictions, though, here is the very rough running tally and or career fight pick history dating from the first ever With Leather Staff Predictions at UFC on Fox 10. I might try to go back through the live discussion archives to figure out records from the last years, but here’s where we stand.

Jessica: 60-26-2 (68%)
Burnsy: 60-25-3 (68%)
Danny: 26-6-1 (79%)
Vince: 16-3-1 (80%)
New York Ric: 9-7-1 (53%)

Bantamweight – Mitch “The Machine” Gagnon vs Tim “The Psycho” Gorman

Jessica: Gorman is the idiot from that co-ed season of TUF who wanted his knee destroyed rather than bow out of the competition. I hope Gagnon submits him in the first round.

Danny: I remember Tim Gorman as the crazy guy from TUF 18 that spent most of his time on Twitter challenging Bryan Caraway to a fight with the winner becoming Miesha Tate’s boyfriend. I know people on the internet love 1) threats made against Bryan Caraway and 2) deciding women’s autonomy via cage fights, but I’m picking against “The Psycho.” Gorman has strong wrestling, but Gagnon is far superior all around. He’ll take it with a second round TKO.

Vince: More like Mitch Gagnon DEEZ NUTS am I right? …No, probably not. In fact I’m not even sure that works, pronunciation-wise. Judging solely by their records, in which Gagnon has fought much stiffer competition, I have to assume Gorman has been brought in to lose to the hometown Canadian. Gagnon gags on the victory.

Burnsy: I’ll take Gagnon while invoking my rule about not picking newcomers, even though Gorman was already on TUF.

Welterweight – Richard “Filthy Rich” Walsh vs Chris “The Savage” Indich

Jessica: The first of several TUF Nations Finale fights! So, basically Some Dude versus A Guy. I’m going to go with Indich by let’s say decision.