Witness The Moment A UFC Fighter’s Jaw Breaks From A Neck Crank

This weekend was supposed to be different. Alex Nicholson used the UFC Fight Night 82 weigh-ins as a platform to propose to his girlfriend, then after that, he was going to step into the UFC octagon for the first time and show the world who he is. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Misha Cirkunov outclassed him in every way, and ended his special night with a brutally dislocated and/or broken jaw via neck crank. You can hear it in the clip above.

As someone who has had his neck cranked many times, and as someone with a near-debilitating TMJ problem, this is the stuff of nightmares. Sadly, this could’ve been avoided. It looks like Nicholson decided to take the fight right on the heels of his jaw being broken last August. That’s right – Nicholson’s jaw was already totally f****ed coming into UFC Fight Night 82, and it’s even more f****ed leaving it.

The noise, it haunts me. It’s all I can think of. You can almost see the moment Cirkunov realizes that human bodies aren’t supposed to sound like that, and he looks up to the ref hoping for Nicholson’s sake that it’s all over. Hopefully they’re serving soup and shakes at the wedding.

UFC Fight Night 82 has been astonishingly violent.