Darren Till Shocks Poland With A First Round Knockout Of Donald Cerrone

If you didn’t know who Darren Till was leading up to his main event fight against Donald Cerrone at UFC Gdansk, you do now. Till has been brawling it out on UFC undercards for the past two years, and when the UFC needed someone to put together a likely Fight of the Night performance against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, Till got the call. Now the unranked Till has just knocked out the #6 Cerrone, leapfrogging him way up the ranks.

Cerrone is known for being a slow starter and Till took advantage of that, mixing up fast and clean striking to hurt Donald and put him down at the end of the first round. It was a big elbow that started it all and got Cerrone to cover up, and from there Till didn’t let up until his opponent was on the ground.

Afterwards, Till got into it with another welterweight who’d made the trip to Gdansk: ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry.

After declaring “I have my eye on Mike Perry, me and you were meant to fight!” the two wound up face to face against the cage screaming at each other. With the way the UFC loves to book fights with a heated narrative behind them, we wouldn’t be surprised if Perry vs Till is next. But for now, congrats to Darren Till for surprising everyone and taking out Donald Cerrone.