Absolutely No One Can Believe Jon Jones Screwed Up His Career Again With Another Positive Drug Test

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Everything was so perfect for the story of Jon Jones after UFC 214. He came back against the odds, against personal demons and one fight in years away from the sport to reclaim his title in glorious fashion with a head-kick knockout of Daniel Cormier. Now, this. Jon Jones has tested positive for an anabolic steroid and has been stripped of his light heavyweight title, further besmirching one of, if not the greatest career in MMA history.

With a man as gifted as Bones, most are left in shock. How could this happen? Why did he do this? Did he really need to be chemically-enhanced to whoop on the fighters that he was already much bigger than? Nothing makes sense. Jon Jones is the greatest enemy of Jon Jones. The only man who can beat Jon Jones is Jon Jones (and Matt Hamill). No one can believe this. MMA fans are in utter shock.

But the biggest victim in all of this? The OTHER Jon Jones. The game developer Jon Jones, who owns the Twitter handle @JonJones. This poor guy is getting non-stop mentions with many, many people tweeting angry messages at him, which hasn’t happened for quite a while. Poor guy.

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