The UFC Legends Q&A Had Tito Ortiz, Don Frye, And Bas Rutten Telling Some Wild Stories Of The Old Days

The first week of July is International Fight Week for the UFC. It’s nearly a full seven days of fan expos, Q&As and Hall of Fame inductions (grats, Sakuraba) punctuated by back to back shows with multiple titles on the line. This year, ahead of the Hall of Fame inductions, the UFC hosted a “Legend’s Q&A” with some of the best personalities in the sport. (You can tell WME-IMG is in charge now because most of these guys wouldn’t be allowed near a UFC microphone for years.)

We got Bas Rutten, talking about his favorite fight of all-time in a way that only Bas Rutten could (“grabbed him by the hair and just drilled my knee into his face”), then Tito Ortiz told a story even hardcore, old-school fans didn’t know — Ortiz fought for free at UFC 13. Two fights, one night, zero dollars

Then, Don Frye, who inducted Saku into the Hall of Fame like only he could, told the tale of the time he fought a Navy Seal for free without punching. Ah, the good old days of MMA. Back when men were men, no one got paid, and the mustaches were as plentiful as the beatdowns laid out in sketchy venues.